A new day, another rom-com. I love romantic comedies, and I wish my life were a movie. I watched a romantic movie called “When Harry Met Sally.” A late ’80s rom com filled with iconic lines. This was the first time I had seen it, and now I am on a Meg Ryan binge. I am also watching another romantic comedy called “you’ve got mail.” That movie stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

When I watch these movies, I get so into the film that I put myself in the woman’s role. That’s a normal thing, especially if you want to love. The first movie was hilarious, and I now want to meet a guy like Harry. He is funny, a know it all, and was so in love with Sally. To have someone who is so in love with you is rare. They say true love is hard to find, but I also don’t believe in true love. I think that two people will fall in love and learn about one another.

I am a nerd for a good love story. Women are suckers for love. It’s different for men, but I believe some men think the same as me. My dream guy could be near me or in a whole other country. It’s crazy to think that one day I will marry someone who doesn’t even know me yet. I want a real love story. I want to learn everything about that person. My personality is big, so I wouldn’t mind having someone with the same personality. I love quiet, shy men. The reason is that they are mysterious, and those are the ones who are interesting.

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