Loneliness is inevitable. You will feel lonely throughout your life and will hurt, or you will love it. I don’t feel as lonely as I used to. I love to be alone. There are times when I see couples, and I think to myself that it would be nice to have a partner. It’s not too serious, I only get a little jealous (lol). There is nothing wrong with being lonely. It’s nice to be alone so that you can refresh yourself with your surroundings. I am about to start making my adventures with a little friend because I want to enjoy my ’20s. I believe loneliness is the perfect time to follow up with yourself.

Loneliness occurs when you attach yourself to loved ones. There are people with severe family problems and trauma that refuse to communicate with loved ones. I am guilty of wanting to remove myself from loved ones at times. I now talk to at least one family member a day. It’s nice to talk to family about work, school, and the future. I don’t like taking their advice, but I listen to them. Even though I talk to my family, I am in need of a relaxation break. I need to get away and backpack. I have been surrounded by too many people at school and work. I need to take time for myself mentally and physically. You should cherish your loneliness because once you get married, there is no more peace.

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