Summer is around the corner, and I have some fun news. I am planning to become a van lifer. I have my reasons, but the main reason is to travel. I talked about this in my YouTube video (check out my last post). I think it’s because I am stubborn and hate to listen (lol). I do not like people telling me what to do because I do not like the same things they do. That may sound weird, but I want to make my opportunities in life. This is why I do not believe in religions. I understand that people have their beliefs, but for me, it is just people talking out of a book and wasting my time. I have nothing against them. These are my thoughts. Being able to travel to new places and have a place to relax is so thrilling. I can see myself with a dog and backpacking do different mountains. I am subscribed to a couple of van lifer YouTube channels and I love them. I cannot wait!

If you know me, you know I am a planner. I hate planning but it’s necessary. Things like this, you have to plan out. I need to have an income to be able to buy things for my van. I have been researching vans, and I am sprinting towards the sprinter van. I want to change everything in it and make it cute and cozy. It sounds like a dream to just travel. All I wanna do is travel and research. Another reason is that I do not want the responsibility of an apartment right now. It is nice to have your own space, but I would feel tied down. Who knows, I might get an apartment. Below are some pictures I found that are nice conversions.

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