When you have goals and ideas you want to accomplish, it can be hard to get in the right mindset. Dreams and goals are easy to talk about, but to keep that feeling is different. You will have people in your life that will try to change your mind, put you down, and ruin your goals to better themselves. Unfortunately, that is life. This happens a lot in families because of jealousy and them not wanting you to succeed. You need to have a mindset of blocking people. Ignoring people is one of the best ways to stay focused. When you are focused, you are keeping that mindset of what you want.

I have a lot of experience in this topic. My own family thinks that I am joking most of the time. I change little things about how I want to travel, but it all relates together because I still want to travel. I tell them I want to sail. They say that I talk about this all the time but keep changing things. I am in college and working at the moment. I am not leaving tomorrow, even though I wish I was. I recently said I want to be a vanlifer and this is true. This is a way for me to travel around America first and do what I want. I ignore them when they say these things about me because I have the mindset that they don’t. They want to focus on paying bills and being boring. My mindset has never changed. I want to travel and do research, so that is what I am going to do. You keep that mindset because it is important. You may not think about that now, but you will later. People say they will take a break from something and never do it again. That sucks because that is a missed opportunity. I used to have a blog named unlistid, but I was all over the place, and it was hard to start over, but I did it. I am happier now than I was before.

You need to learn that this is your life and no one else’s. Working in the hospital and seeing death has woken me up. Sadly, people have to pass away, but that tells me that we do not live forever. Never let anyone change the mindset of your dreams.

“My Only Purpose on This Planet Is to Play. It’s What I Was Meant to Do and Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me.”


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