The saying that life is short, and we don’t have enough time is true. Everything indeed happens for a reason, but that reason could be because of anything. You do not need to have your life figured out because life is a constant change. There are new opportunities daily that could change the course of your life. When things go the right way, I call it too easy. I have to have something interesting happen in my life to enjoy it. Planned things never go in accordance, and the reason is that you rely on them too much. You need to go with the flow and just relax. If people did what they wanted without worry, no one would complain. Life without pans is called a journey. If more people thought of it this way, people would be more interesting. No offense, but there are too many copies of us.

Topics about planning your life come up in college 24/7 and it is draining. They make it seem like if you don’ pick a major, you’re doomed. They con you into taking unnecessary classes, and once you figure out that you are not good, they give you more classes. I see it as a money scheme because while this is happening, you are more into debt. It’s nice to plan, but you do not need it figured out so quickly.

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