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Eating My Favorite Food, What is Yours?

If you never had three-fold, you are missing out. I finally tried something new at my favorite place, and I was shocked. I usually order the tofu salad, which is obsessively delicious, but I tried half and half this time. The dish includes noodles, your choice of protein (I chose tofu), and dumplings. I also …


Dream Cozy Apartment Styles

The day I purchase my first apartment will be a milestone, but best of all, it will be a style I love. I love looking on Pinterest for ideas and finding dream styles. My favorite classes are vintage, Victorian, retro, and bohemian. My dream apartment will mix those styles with loads of color. I am …

Food & Drinks lifestyle

A Beautiful Brunch for the Foodies

A good photo can change everything. A picture can make food look even more delicious. Brunch is my favorite thing to eat, and this beautiful brunch was at a cafe named “Cafe Intermezzo.” This place is located in Atlanta and is open past midnight. In the picture below are salmon benedicts, French toast, mushroom melt, …