Here I go again buying things that I am obsessed with. I have always wanted one of these coffee makers. I have seen these in ’70s television sitcoms and movies. It looks so much better than normal coffee makers. I was going to buy a French press, but I like these more. I purchased this coffee maker from Amazon for $25. They also have these in local stores. I have seen them in Kroger which was surprising. It makes sense since it is a kitchen tool. I was not a big coffee drinker, but I am about to be. I put this coffee maker on my desk, but I have to be careful because I am clumsy, and this is glass.

My dorm room is becoming my dream. I get to buy all these things that I have always wanted, and it feel good. If you want a handheld coffee maker, this is perfect. It also helps that it is visually appealing.

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