I was in need of a toaster, so I went to my favorite website which is Amazon. Amazon has everything. It’s honestly a little weird if you think about it. I love retro things, so I searched for retro toasters and found this beautiful toaster. It was under $40, but it was worth it. You can get a cheaper toaster anywhere. You pay for the look of it. I do not like boring things, which is why I search for unique items. I now want a retro dial tone. I hate anything modern because everything is clean and boring. Back in the day, everything was cool. I was born in ’98, so I got to experience a little bit of the good life.

My family asks me all the time where I find these things. I order a lot of random things, but since I make my own money, I can buy whatever I want. It feels good because I love specific things. This toaster is so adorbs! The look of the buttons makes the toaster even cuter. The details are amazing, and I am happy because it was worth it. The toaster comes in many colors. I chose the color cream.

Link to this toaster: https://www.amazon.com/REDMOND-Stainless-Function-Settings-Removable/dp/B07ZZ16QG3/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1FAE4XO0KS9IM&keywords=retro+toaster&qid=1648561497&sprefix=retro+toas%2Caps%2C714&sr=8-4

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