I have been on a mental journey of my own over the past year. Trying to find myself and erasing the negativity from my life. All without the help of a therapist. I am in my early ’20s and trying to figure out life itself. I am not religious, but I have my personal beliefs. Beliefs play an important role in your life. Life is made of individual beliefs. This is the reason why I never understood why people take things so seriously. We don’t know where we came from or who put us here. “Why be so serious?”. Life is a changing rollercoaster that has millions of outcomes, which won’t last forever. I feel like when people listen to me, they think I’m weird or crazy. No, I’m smart and curious. Life is full of curiosities, and when people ignore them, the purpose is gone.

The end goal is peace. Being at peace within yourself sounds so nice. Forget about everyone who does not matter. I am an advocate for ignoring people. I don’t recognize myself as an introvert or extrovert either. I hate labels that try to paint titles for people. Maybe I like people but hate looking at them. It’s called being human. There is nothing wrong with being alone. Being alone is deliciously relaxing. It’s something you crave or will crave eventually. It’s not normal to be next to someone twenty-four hours a day. It may be cute in a relationship, but that is how we get tired of one another. We only think it’s cute because it’s a new feeling.

I am working to be completely free mentally and physically. I want to wake up without any problems or concerns. It’s funny to me that we feel like we have to be unhappy. I have had this feeling many times. It’s a normal human emotion to feel this way. To be at peace, a complete life change is needed. A change that is beyond and within you.

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Your typical college student who can relate to everyone. I am a non-meat eater, spirits believer, and a lover.