I am coming to you from the sanctuary of my dorm room. I was listening to the BBC news podcast to get an update on the attack on Ukraine. It has almost been 30 days since the invasion happened, and everything is changing worldwide. In America, all we can do is watch and listen. The BBC news podcast hurt me listening to it. People leaving their families and have loved ones murdered in front of them. I am still in school while this is happening, and I know life has to continue, but as human beings, can we ignore it. We all try to ignore the problems, which is why life continues without worry. It has nothing to do with us until it does. People are struggling for shelter, food, and safety, but don’t we all. This is how people look at bad situations. Unfortunately, this will never change since people die every day. The world is currently at its lowest point, and all we can do is watch it happen until people open their eyes to the truth. The fact that we have allies and non-allies allows us to choose who to save. Is that really human? That is evil, which means we are all evil. People beg for help and get nothing. The feeling of being ignored of your right to life is heartbreaking.

Should life be this way? Who did this to us? Questions that philosophers study every day. I always told myself that I never want to be alive when something like this happens, but this happens every day. Like I said before, we only see what they allow us to see. They are our eyes, and it shouldn’t be that way but without them, we won’t know what is going on. It’s all about control. This invasion has opened my eyes and awakened my brain to my surroundings. When I hear people struggling for food, I look around and see that we waste food in every kind of way. This is nothing new, but I see it now. My mind still can’t wrap around the fact that people act like nothing is wrong. I know we have our problems, but the same thing happens in our own country. Humans have grown accustomed to ignoring bad situations.

The war that I talk about is not just about Ukraine. This is a war on humans. Human ignorance and evil all around do not make us human. I hate reading the news, but I do it because I need to know what is happening. I don’t believe everything they say, I just need to get my perspective about the situations. The best part of blogging is venting my frustration. I have a lot nowadays, and I wish it would all stop. Along with money issues due to the outrageous college, debt is enough to kill someone, but they constantly add to that pressure. The pressure of life is enough for me. These men really know how to ruin some shit.

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