Growing up is a part of life, but so is being comfortable. I realize that I don’t want to live like an average person. I am in college, working part-time, planning for my future, and figuring out my life. People tend to rush and think they have to move fast, but that is not true. I currently reside in a dorm room and pay to stay for the break, but I plan an alternative lifestyle. One thing is the van life. I am obsessed with watching van lifers. I know it’s not easy or cheap, but it’s not super expensive either. I want to sail and travel, then eventually live off-grid. My goal is not to be tied to a government. I want to do what I want without any worries. I do not want to pay rent my whole life. This is how they control people and then spend our money on nonsense.

Another reason I am not rushing because I don’t want to be like everyone else. This is the main reason I Live in my dorm room. I hate paying, but I am planning for something big. I put money in my savings and plan for my future. I do not want a regular job that I will hate every day, and I don’t want to be tied down to one thing. I’m not too fond of everyday things; I think they are boring. When you are happy with what you are doing, everything else is better.

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Your typical college student who can relate to everyone. I am a non-meat eater, spirits believer, and a lover.