The world is a scary place, especially now. We have people fighting for their lives over nonsense in one place, then people complaining in other places. I am in America watching the news every day and getting sadder. I go to class and then work in a hospital after. You know, you never realize how important life is until something is taken away. The war that is happening now has killed so many people, and all the other countries are just watching. They update us on the death and the plans of the meetings between the two countries. People here continue to complain that they don’t have things as this war is currently happening. As some people die, others continue living. It’s so sad that this is life.
I don’t do well with death, and I experienced that yesterday morning. I was walking to work at 6:30 am, and when I arrived at the hospital, I saw the morgue people Carrie out a dead body in a sealed body bag. That was my first time seeing that. There is no morgue in the hospital I work in, so they come to pick up the bodies. Thank God no one was near me because I cried hard. I cried because death is sad in general, but I have never seen anything like that. You see them taking bodies out in the movies, but that was chilling. Someone lost their life yesterday, and now the doctors have to notify the family of the passing. That’s how I look at it. The hospital is a depressing place to work. It’s so weird that when someone dies in a hospital, everyone is still talking and laughing at their work because it’s normal. For some reason, that is not normal to me. You simply have to be immune to it.

I like to stay in my dorm rather than leave due to dangerous surroundings. Humans are the scariest thing on this planet. They murder for the fun of it, and that is not normal. This is why I want to live on the water; it’s peaceful, and I hate the government. As I lie down in my dorm watching what is happening around the world, I hate that I can’t do anything. The only thing they ask us to do online is send money. I don’t trust anything online either. There are scammers everywhere who take advantage of people’s misfortunes. Life is so depressing right now. It’s hard to understand what exactly is happening around the world. I can’t imagine hiding for my life, worrying about my family, and trying to escape. Unfortunately, all I can do is watch from my dorm, and I hate it.

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