The day I purchase my first apartment will be a milestone, but best of all, it will be a style I love. I love looking on Pinterest for ideas and finding dream styles. My favorite classes are vintage, Victorian, retro, and bohemian. My dream apartment will mix those styles with loads of color. I am not a fan of excess space either. I love when everything fits, and there’s no awkward space. It makes the place look cozy and more beautiful. Bohemian is the perfect style because there is a lot of decors. I love lots of plants and pictures. Things to feel the wall that brings the place together is all I want. Retro styles are all about the past, along with vintage. I love retro because of the colors. I love the 70s, 80s, and 90s, which is the timeline for this style. Retro styles will never go out of style.

Vintage is a style that has a lot of class. It’s all about the past and has a type of hidden charm to it. I love going to antique stores and finding small things that go on my desk. Vintage-style apartments are so beautiful to me. Knowing that the past can be brought back and renovated to be even more beautiful but still kept with the original feel. Lastly, the Victorian style is a dream style for me. I would love for my forever home to be this style. The architecture alone tells a story. It’s hard to find a Victorian apartment because they update them and ruin their charm. This is the style that I would love for my bed and breakfast.

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