Happiness is something that comes and goes. Some things make us happy, and others do not. When there is so much negativity in the world, why would you want to add to the problems? Do you think it’s wrong to be happy? Is it wrong to be unhappy? Have you done something so bad that no one will forgive you? Are you a hateful person and try to hide the truth? All of these curious questions are what make us human. Anger is a normal human emotion, happiness is a normal emotion, and unfortunately, hatred is a normal human emotion. You’re just supposed to control that emotion. I have those days when I wake up and feel nothing. I feel like nothing matters, and it will be a dull day with no meaning. This happens when I get a lousy grade or hear bad news. When I am happy, it’s the opposite. I am so glad when I get good grades and hear good news. Being unhappy means that you have some things you need to figure out, and it will take time. It’s not for you to walk on a path of destruction and belittle everyone you come about.

If you have issues with your emotions, it’s time to find some hobbies. Hobbies are ways to keep you busy. When I am unhappy, I blog and journal. Those are my hobbies. It feels good to write after I have had a stressful day. I am also starting some new hobbies so that when I travel, I will have an advantage. I believe no one has to be unhappy. No one has to be happy either. We have those days, and it’s okay to have them.

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