A good photo can change everything. A picture can make food look even more delicious. Brunch is my favorite thing to eat, and this beautiful brunch was at a cafe named “Cafe Intermezzo.” This place is located in Atlanta and is open past midnight. In the picture below are salmon benedicts, French toast, mushroom melt, fried potatoes, sunny side eggs, lemon water, and a coke. The setup is so cute, but the table was small (lol). This cafe is one of the best-looking cafes I have ever been to. I’m not surprised because Atlanta has some beautiful restaurants. If you never had brunch, you are missing out. Brunch is the perfect place for girl talk and gossip. All we were missing was mimosas.

When making brunch plans, you need to pick the perfect place. There have to be many options, and the area needs to be picturesque. Everyone takes pictures of their food, so the lighting also has to be perfect. There should be sweet and salty food on your table for some options. It would be best if you also enjoyed the scenery. Brunch is not breakfast, nor lunch. It’s the perfect hours in between.

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