Getting the right amount of sleep is essential, especially in college. When you have exams, midterms, finals, pop quizzes, papers, projects, activities, volunteering, and working, you will be exhausted. Take it from me, a student who has a weird sleep schedule, a job, exams, papers, and projects. I have been mentally and physically exhausted because of no sleep. I have gotten so much better with my rest this semester. I have only had one bad day, and that was this week because I had three midterms and two papers, along with a job. I am finished with midterms, and all I want to do is sleep (lol). I work every weekend, but I started to sleep earlier, which helps a lot. I will tell you what happens when you get no sleep while in college.

Mood Swings- Mood swings can be severe without enough sleep. You will turn on your friends and strangers who said nothing to you. Everyone will always ask you what is wrong, and you will snap for no reason and not explain your reasoning. This is how you lose friends.

Impaired Study Habits- It will be hard for you to study and start procrastinating. Staying in the library at 3 am is not okay; you need to sleep to rest your brain. Sleep is a better way to study.

Fail Quizzes and Tests- No sleep means you will fail everything you have been studying for. After looking for a test, you need to sleep so that your brain can remember everything the next day.

Loss of Appetite: You will not have an appetite. Your body will shut down, and your mental state will not be the same.

Drinking and Smoking- I know many people who smoke and drink because of a lack of sleep. Drinking also includes energy drinks. There is such thing as too much of something. Drinking and Smoking will not fix this problem. You will get even more tired.

Sleeping in Class- You have to sleep somewhere, which will be in class. Once you sleep in class, you miss everything you need for your test and papers.

Forget About Other Classes– You miss class when you don’t sleep and finally fall asleep. If you miss too many days, you will be dropped.

Ruin Your Body- This is perhaps the most important. Our bodies are essential, so sleep helps build nutrients and keep the blood flow moving.

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