Trends are the one thing in a fashion that I hate. I hate them because everyone copies one another. It would be best to separate yourself from society if you had your style. Everyone has a distinct style that they love or want to pursue. As for me, I love blazers and vintage jeans. I love oversized jackets and trench coats. I can style them up so nice and feel good. I am just now getting to wear my blazers out, and I am obsessed. My favorite is my black silk blazer which I got from boohoo. I also got my plaid blazer from boohoo. It’s so fun styling them, and you can mix them with anything. I love converses, so I added them to the look. I accidentally got a bigger size in the black blazer, but it works because it looks oversized. I paired it with a nice crop top, and my sister said I look like I amount of the matrix. All I am missing is some black glasses.

Once you find the style you like, it’s time to go out and walk. Trying new things is scary but essential. I had to learn that myself, and it took a while. For me, it started in 10th grade when I shaved my hair, and I only got better. I have officially found myself. I am a shoe-obsessed woman. Seriously, ego shoes need to sponsor me (lol). You might be surprised to know that I am an introverted person, and I love to be alone. I have fashion parties all day in my dorm and plan outfits while studying. I do it because it’s fun, and no one is around to judge me. Loving your style is not for anyone else; it’s so that you can feel good. I think everyone should change one thing about their current style. I am also into printed pants now, so that I will be taking pictures soon in them. You have to be confident enough to do it. If you can’t, take it one step at a time.

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