Once again, a snowstorm is coming, and many things are about to happen. Two semesters ago, we had a snowstorm so bad that the campus was closed for almost three weeks. Early this semester, we had a bad ice storm that caused many problems. I didn’t have classes, but I still had to work. By the way, I walk to the hospital because it’s up the street. I was slipping all over the ice, which was so scary. Now we have another ice store coming, and I told myself that I would prepare this time. A week ago, I went to the grocery store, so now I am stocked with food. Food is the most important thing when something like this happens. I have learned the hard way about lacking the essentials during a storm. When the first storm happened, I had no food in my dorm. There was one place open across from the dorm: Papa John. They saved my life because I bought like three pizzas (lol). I made my way through knee-high snow and got my Krusty Krab pizza.

Make sure you check the weather daily because you never know what can change. When you see snow coming, go to the store immediately. People usually plan, which is why everything is sold out. Purchase hygienic products, especially for women. I am proud that I am stocked with tissue, food, and pads (lol). They don’t give out tissue on-campus, so you have to have your own. Their tissue feels like sand, so I am not mad. The whole point is not to have to go outside. We want to stay warm and cozy. Buy your pet food and get them some snacks to be happy as well. This is the perfect time to get caught up on homework for other classes. My exam got moved to Monday, so that I will be working on different assignments today. I am also going to study more for that exam.

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