I am cooking in my dorm room again, and I made tacos. You can purchase everything at your local grocery store. I used gardein plant-based ground be’f, Taco seasoning, black beans, onions, cilantro, tortillas, quinoa rice, and taco sauce. Like I said before, everything is super affordable and easy to prepare. I love using plant-based grounds. You can cook anything with them just like you would any other meal. I was craving tacos, so I made us of them, but I should have only made three because I got full fast. Cooking in a dorm should be quick, and I heated the meat and beans in the oven while heating the tortillas in the air fryer. Don’t worry; the plant-based grounds are already cooked. You have to warm them because they are frozen. I added the rice because I love rice in tacos. I eat quinoa rice with everything. It’s perfectly seasoned and is used with brown rice.

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