I am the type of person who has a lot of stuff and nowhere to place it. I finally bought a shelf to put all my appliances and food on. I am so happy because it holds everything I have. It holds 200lbs and is a non-screw shelf. All you have to do is apply the latches, and you are done. This shelf was $40, and it is great for dorm rooms. If you are the type of person who needs more storage, then you will love this. I am treating it like my own pantry to store my canned goods, appliances, pasta, etc. I will leave the link below to this exact shelf.

Link: Honey Can Do 3-Tier Heavy Duty Shelf

The pictures below are the process I took to assemble this shelf. It wasn’t hard at all, and it looks great in my room. You can tell in the last picture that I had a lot of stuff. I was in need of a shelf.

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