I love horror movies and love listening to scary stories. It only makes sense that I listen to true crime podcasts. I listen to only two true crime podcasts which are Rotten Mango and Dateline. I listen to it every night and even come from work, which sounds scary to most people, but I love it. Stephanie Soo is the number one best true crime podcaster. Her storytelling is so chilling, ad her podcast gets me in my feelings. I get angry, happy, and sad in her stories. Some are so scary that I will start crying. That is a good podcast because she puts you in the story. I have never felt anything like the feelings I have when I listen to her podcast. I recommend her podcast and her YouTube if you are interested. I have listened to every last one of her videos on podcasts and YouTube. They are that addictive. Dateline is something I never watched alone because I get creeped out. I like listening to it better because there isn’t horrible fake acting. You just hear the story itself and visualize what’s going on. Podcasts are perfect when you are relaxing, walking around campus, heading to work, and any other relaxing activity. They are stress relievers and can improve your mood. This is true (lol).

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