Selfishness isn’t always bad. It’s called self-care. What is wrong with wanting to focus on yourself? I am learning to ignore people and do things that I enjoy. Life is too short to focus on other people’s problems. When you worry about problems that are not yours, you start to get stressed and depressed. In college, it is easy to allow this to happen. You have people around you who like and don’t like; you have schoolwork; you might have a job and all why maintaining consciousness. When we get free time, it’s hard to do other things we love because we are constantly thinking of those things.

Do you have hobbies you are ignoring? Stop ignoring them and start doing them. Be selfish and get your nails done, go out to a bar (not alone), hang out with some girlfriends and gossip, be selfish and enjoy your life. We think of selfishness being on about negatives, but in fact, it’s not all bad. You will know it’s time to be selfish when you stop having free time, people constantly bickering while you are in the middle if you are overworked, and every other negative issue. It’s time my friend, to be the selfish person you are and enjoy it.

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