I am a foodie, and if you are then you will love this recipe. Cooking in the dorm is getting easier and I am getting better at it. I put the salmon in the air fryer and the vegetables in the conventional oven to roast. This meal took less than 25 minutes to make and no more. I picked the perfect cut of salmon, and it was on $6 at Kroger.

Salmon: Seasoning- Salt, pepper, lemon pepper, olive oil

Asparagus: Seasoning- garlic salt, pepper, truffle oil

Vegetables: Roasted asparagus, orange cherry tomatoes, mushrooms

The salmon was so crispy and delicious. It was moist on the inside and not overcooked. The sweetness of the tomatoes went perfectly with the salmon. I added truffle oil at the last minute to try something new and worked. I used white truffle oil, so it wasn’t strong at all. You guys don’t understand the difficulty of cooking out of a dorm room. It takes a while if you don’t have all the appliances, and it’s easier if you do. If you don’t have an air fryer, you can use your residence hall kitchen. You can put everything in the oven to roast together. This is a pretty healthy dinner and is perfect for meal prepping.

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