Working in college has become a must nowadays due to the price of tuition. Financial aid can only help you so much, especially if you have student loans. You have three options for a job in college, and those are to work on campus, get regular job off campus, or start your own business. Working on campus is the best option for those who do not want to get overworked. Work-study jobs allow you to work, make a little money, and still stay focus in your jobs. This is because you can only work a specific number of hours. Work study can pay part of your phone bill or the whole thing if you save, but it doesn’t pay much. It’s still good to save some money up. I work part time in a hospital, and still make a lot of money while not getting stressed in my classes.

When professors start to throw homework assignments at you, and you have to work right after that, you have to study at work. I study on break and whenever I have free time. The best thing to do is do all your assignments ahead of the due date so that you have more free time. This semester, I told myself that I was not going to procrastinate anymore because last semester was so bad. Balancing school and work are not easy as it sounds. Students can easily get burnt out after classes, tutoring, studying, and other school activities. You still need to sleep, which is something people forget. Your mental health is something else that people forget to take care of when you have a lot on your plate. Stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and being burnt out is something that take a toll on your body. A good way to relax is to take time for yourself, workout, hang out with friends, and other self-care activities.

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