You can also say yes to them all. I am not a big drinker. I hate strong liquor and I hate dry wine. I also hate strong champagne. I should have just added water to this small list. I like fruity cocktails that are fun and mixed. I went out with my sister, and she ordered so many drinks for me. We had tequila shots (my first ones), wine, cocktails, frozen margaritas, and rose champagne. Tequila is way too strong for my weak mouth which is why the salt is needed. I ordered a dark cocktail which should have been a sign, but it wasn’t. That drink was the worst thing I have ever drunk in my life. I call it a man’s drink because they can drink dark liquor by themselves. My lips were stinging (lol). It was fun trying new alcohol, but after everything we tried, I found out that I like fruity drinks and margaritas. Margaritas are strong, but it’s mixed and even more delicious frozen. I plan to go to a winery to learn about different wines. I want to feel fancy and understand the science of it. Even though I would choose a fountain drink over half the drinks I talk about, it was still fun (not for my taste buds). Another thing to say is that you have to grow into the taste. You start to crave this taste after a while. I want a margarita now! I would drink with friends, but I might just add a virgin in front of that drink.

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