College is one stress zone that never seems to go away. It is draining, upsetting, but many jobs require it. I am a senior majoring in anthropology, but I am a junior. I just have many extra credits. I minor in biology which I am not the best at. I have been struggling in school ever since middle school. My degree requires me to get a Ph.D. in anthropology, but is it worth it? My problem in college is not the subject, it’s taking the test. Taking tests causes me to fail and stress out. Once you fail something in college, your brain goes downhill and its misery. Graduating from college is probably the most stressful thing anyone can do (besides surgery and health). The reason I say this is because it is money-draining, time-consuming, causes depression, and the thing that holds you back from your dream. It’s sad when I put it that way, but it’s true. Before applying to school, you have to pick a major to go into. This major map out your life forever unless you change it. You are allowed to change your major many times, but that means more classes and more money. The government makes money off our misery, while we get deep into debt. When I talk like this, you might think “why are you in college then?” I have a huge dream, and college is the only way, unfortunately. My dream is to become a paleoanthropologist, and it’s crazy that you need a Ph.D. to learn things like this. It also takes up half your life. This is why people drop out. They want to live their lives, and school is too stressful. What is the point of college? Why do we waste so much time? How can one bad grade ruin your whole life? The fear of everything I have talked about is the reason why graduating with a high GPA is impossible. It’s hard to focus when you fail one thing. They make you feel stupid when you’re not. You only messed up on one test, and your IQ has dropped (hypothetically speaking.)

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Your typical college student who can relate to everyone. I am a non-meat eater, spirits believer, and a lover.