Let’s be real, everyone has thoughts about dropping out. It’s always when college gets to be too much. The professors would say that you have to work hard and stick to your studies. Yeah right, we all know they thought this same way before. I hate hearing that you need to stick to college because it’s not the only way. It’s not the easiest way. I am not saying that you are weak if you drop out, you are strong if you can get through this crisis, but those who have the balls to walk away and pursue their goals are amazing as well. College takes up a lot of time and it is not for everyone. I don’t even think it’s for me, and I am barely hanging on. I’m joking; I want to be in college because my dream to dig needs a degree. My problem is that I only enjoy anthropology and interesting classes. Math, certain sciences, communication, and other useless classes for me bore me. Every semester I talk about dropping out (lol). I get too stressed, and the financial worries add to them. I never knew I was going to be in so much debt in my life. I am only 23 years old, and I am going to have the debt of someone who owes a mortgage on a mansion. It’s only going to get worst in graduate school. I’m having drop-out thoughts again as I am typing which is funny but true.

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