College roommates are interesting when you are the one choosing them. When picking roommates, you should look for someone who relates to you. It sounds like a dating website when you think about it. You click on a tab on your housing site to start your search. They ask you questions about the type of roommate you are looking for. When I chose my last roommate, I wanted someone who matched my peaceful energy. I hate loud music at night, loud people, and people who do not clean. My roommate ended up very quiet. She barely talked (lol). She barely talked to me, but that was her business. We were nice to one another, and we had good roommates’ etiquette.

Picking roommates are very important. Think about it, you are living with this person for months and even years. This is a stranger to you, so you want to make sure you are not living with a crazy person. I have had a roommate that stole my things, was rude, and that was gross. It’s all about learning from your mistake. When those things happened, I didn’t pick my roommates. I was in my freshman and sophomore year of college, so I didn’t think about it. Now that I have a single dorm in a suite, I get to pick my suite (the other girl in my room).

When picking roommates, you should always take the quiz. They want to know your habits to pick the perfect roommate for you. You shouldn’t lie unless you want someone totally opposite of you. You still have a chance of getting a weirdo as a roommate, but this way gives you better chances. The best roommates are those you connect with. Roommates should be comfortable with you. They shouldn’t have to worry about others stealing their things or being rude to them. You both should be close or nice acquaintances.

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