I started drinking boxed water two semesters ago, and I love it. This is a brand that revolves around sustainability. The boxes are 92% plant-based, 5% aluminum, and 100% recyclable. Their goal is to save trees and collect less plastic. The best thing about the boxed waters is that you can reuse them for a while before recycling them. I was randomly looking at things on google, and this ad popped up. I have been supporting them ever since.

I thought it would be difficult since I was in a dorm, but it was very simple. There are recycling bins all over the campus, so whenever I was done using the boxes, I could just recycle them. I wanted to test them first, so I ordered a 12-pack. They came pretty quick and comes with a letter about how you are saving the trees (I loved it).

When I left for that semester, I recycled them, but I am gonna order more when I return next semester. Since I will be back in a dorm, I can stock up on more water, and collect less plastic. I love businesses that revolve around the planet. It’s important because plastic is ruining our planet. The boxed water comes with water when you order them. There is nothing to worry about because we buy water every day without knowing where they get it from. This is a brand worth supporting.

Boxed Water: Boxed Water Is Better® — Official Storehttps://boxedwaterisbetter.com/

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